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I started out in the dark room with film photography, fell out of it with the advent of the digital camera.  It was through my love of travel that I came back to enjoying photography again.  I guess it really never went away, I just got frustrated with the technical aspects of digital when I loved the intuitive side of film.

Next came the blog – I started TravelDestinationBucketList and something just went into over drive!  I had a loads of photos already, but really wanted to improve.  Signed up for a class, joined a photography club, and scoured the blogs.  Next came photo challenges and then the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge.

I hope that my skills are developing.  I really love getting out there.  While there are many sites that focus on skills – this list is looking at the work of others that I admire.  This page is a work in progress, so please forgive me if I have not yet added some of the great blogs out there!  I follow a number of other different themes of blogs as well, including travel, food and humour.  This page is meant to focus on photography blogs only.  They inspire me, give me ideas or make me smile.

For those of you with shutter bug tendancies…happy clicking!

Aaron Cohen Photography

Cee’s Life

Draw and Shoot

EK Photography and Art Gallery

Flickr comments by Frizztext

Ian Spagnolo

Inspirations and Memories

Jane’s Lens


Katie’s Camera Blog

Life in the Bogs

Mallorca Daily Photo Blog

Marianne Macgregor

Marie Nagle Photography

Miguel Solorzano

PC Photoblog

Peter T Photography

PlanetSeb Photography


Steve Allen Photography

Urban Photography Blog


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