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Weekly Photo Challenge: Golden Hour

This weeks’s photo challenge is the Golden Hour.  The “golden hour” is the first and last couple of hours of sunlight of the day. It is a magic time, the perfect light to shoot sunrise hikes or sunset treks (or in my case, bike rides and kayak trips) to capture a magical shot – the light just glows, casting such a beautiful warmth over the photos.  This first photo is one of my all time favourites – not just for the photo, but also for the memories!

cycling the Great Ocean Road

To capture the photo above, we bicycled in the pitch dark for close to 30 minutes to get to the viewing platforms for the Twelve Apostles.  I can’t believe there wasn’t a tonne of people as the sun rose over Australia’s east coast.  It was breathtaking and worth the effort.  (Related Link: Cycling Australia’s Great Ocean Road)

Kayaking through lily pads on Meech Lake

At the other end of the spectrum, the lily pads on Meech Lake were part of a series taken while out kayaking one evening.  While the glow was not quite so golden, the harshness of the hot summer sun was muted as it slowly dipped behind the hills.  It was absolutely peaceful out on the water.  (Related Link: Tranquility on Meech Lake)

St Donat Church in Zadar, Croatia

Travel is always the theme in my world and last year I took a few months to travel through parts of Europe, including the extraordinary Croatia.  My journey started in Zadar and right away, I was in love.  I spent a few days wandering around, photographing the city and jumping into the Adriatic to cool off!  I lucked out with a tourist boat cruise that ran ever hour.  Wanting to do a sunset cruise, I was only to happy to wait and was rewarded with amazing views of all the significant historical buildings glowing during the golden hour and the most beautiful sunsets in the world!  (For the sunsets, pop over to The Most Beautiful Sunset in the World and tell me if you agree with Alfred Hitchcock – does Zadar truly have the world’s best sunset??)  More from Zadar – check out this related link: An Idyllic Afternoon in Zadar.

Golden hour on the Camino de Santiago

I leave you with this final golden hour photo – early morning on the Camino de Santiago.  I love the way the light just glows – perfect morning for a walk!  Related Link – Tips for walking the Camino de Santiago


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