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More from the Toronto Graffiti Tour

I recently posed the question – urban art or misguided youth on Urban Art: The Graffiti Subculture in Toronto.  With so many photos, it was a tough choice – so many amazing examples from the Toronto Guys Graffiti Tour, I had a tough time deciding on which photos to use.  Enter AnitaMacPhotos – the perfect venue to share more from the tour!  You be the judge to the question – is this art? or perhaps it is a statement?

Jail Birds by UberI love this one…I call it “Tweet tweet”

tweet tweet

A little on the wild style…

Love the art – when I look at this work, I really do feel it is urban art, something that requires a lot of talent, imagination and patience.


Another Graffiti tour hitting the streets of town

Graffiti Tours in Toronto

More from the street

message in Graffiti - Toronto Tour Guys Graffiti Tour


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Co-founder Jason Kucherawy led this Tour Guys Graffiti Tour for a group of Travel Bloggers attending the 2013 TBEX Travel Bloggers Conference in partnership with Toronto Tourism and Share Ontario.  It was a fantastic tour and I would highly recommend it as a great way to see a different part of Toronto and get a fantastic insight into the graffiti culture.  As always, opinions remain my own.


5 thoughts on “More from the Toronto Graffiti Tour

    • I found it to be quite good. I was a bit overwhelmed and can’t wait to go to Dublin as I feel I will benefit even more from it the next time round! Met so many inspirational people and feel like I really learned a lot from them and the talks that I attended. To be honest, I bought my ticket to Dublin before I even went to Toronto – had wanted to go to the Costa Brava TBEX but was part way through walking the Camino de Santiago at the time.

      Did you make it to Toronto or will Dublin be your first?

      • I just learned about TBEX a couple weeks ago and was disappointed I missed out on Toronto. But if I can make it happen, I most definitely intend on going to Dublin’s conference!

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