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Earth Day Tribute: 4 seasons in Gatineau Park

April 22nd is Earth Day.  We all benefit for the natural beauty of our environment, no matter where in the world we live, travel or play!

Gatineau Park

For me, Gatineau Park is a 12 month of the year treasure.  Found just outside of Ottawa, you will find me hiking, kayaking, cycling, skiing, snow shoeing….the list goes on! Regardless of season, the Park is there to enjoy, to protect and to sustain for the future!  Gaylord Nelson once said: the wealth of the nation is its air, water, soil, forests, minerals, rivers, lakes, oceans….and biodiversity…that is all there is.  That’s the whole economy.  I agree…it is the biological systems that are sustaining the wealth of the world…and for that, I am grateful!

Below is my photo tribute to Earth Day and Gatineau Park…may it long be sustained, protected and there to enjoy.

Early winter hiking in the Park (for more photos from hiking in the park: A Walk in the Woods: Gatineau Park)

Walk in the woods

Cross Country skiing in the Park (for more photos and essays from the park: Postcard from Gatineau Park: cross country skiing, Waiting for the snow to fall, Winter Water)

Cross country skiing in Gatineau Park near Lac Philippe

Kayaking in the Park, whether on Meech Lake or out at Lac La Peche, it is so peaceful and pristine out there!  I am still discovering new places to go – there is so much to explore! (More kayaking experiences from Gatineau Park: Live The Photo: Lac La Peche, Kayak Camping Adventures in Lac La Peche, Found Time, Ducks on the water)

kayaking on Meech Lake at sunset, Gatineau Park

Gatineau Park also hosts a variety of competitions…there are the bike races and triathlons in summer, ski and snow shoe races in winter!  Loads to do.  Once the snow has melted, any day of the week, you will find groups of people cycling in the park.  Ottawa is home to a very competitive group of road cyclists, as well as mountain bikers and recreational riders.  Sunday Bike Days mean that the roads are closed to cars one day a week.  The photo below is from the Women’s UCI Race – professional women cyclists from around the world come to compete in this event…it is an honour to host them every year!  (Related links: Le Grand Prix Cycliste de Gatineau: UCI 1.1 Women’s Road Race, Le Grand Prix Cyclist de Gatineau – Women’s Racing at its finest)

cycling events in Gatineau Park

And of course, Gatineau Park is known for the amazing fall colours as people come from all around the world to appreciate the explosion of colours as our trees light up the landscape!

Bursts of colour in the fall.  Gatineau Park

Happy Earth Day!  Thank you Gatineau Park!




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