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Nottoway Plantation in bloom

When putting together my bucket list for New Orleans, I was told I had to add a plantation tour by many people.  What could I do – I had to go!  I was not disappointed – the plantation was fascinating.  So much history behind the walls of the mansion.  If you go – I highly recommend spending the night to soak it all in and have time to really appreciate all that the plantation has on offer.  I wrote about stepping into old world charm at the Nottoway Plantation.  I am sure you will agree – it is worth the drive to see these magnificent homes!

spending the night at Nottoway Plantation, Louisiana

While I was there – the gardens were ablaze with colour – it was a sight to enjoy!  Love how the vibrant flowers contrast with the white mansion.

Contrasting the vibrant pinks of spring over the white mansion at the Nottoway Plantation

The trees were loaded with blooms.

spring blooms at Nottoway Plantation


Up close and personal with the blooms.

up close and personal with the blooms at Nottoway Plantation

I just can’t get enough of the colour!

The colours of spring at Nottoway Plantation

Down by the pool…

garden by the Nottoway Plantation pool

A lovely spot to stop and reflect.

A place to rest

Love the vibrant colours.  The property was stunning.  Had a lot of fun photographing the flowers – just screaming of spring!


3 thoughts on “Nottoway Plantation in bloom

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