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Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

Looking beyond….this week’s WordPress weekly photo challenge: Beyond.  I struggled with this theme and then it hit me…..beyond the wall!

view of Dubrovnik, Croatia

In August 2012, I spend a magnificent 2 weeks traveling around Croatia.  I was mesmerized by the ancient walled cities of Zadar and Dubrovnik.  I spent my time walking within the walls, on the walls and beyond the walls.  This collection of photos is a look at Croatia beyond the walls!

boat cruise in Zadar

Croatia is flanked by the Adriatic Sea.  As such, the water plays an integral part of life and travel.  This photo was taken on a simple tourist boat cruise highlighting the Zadar tourist interests from the sea.  I waited to take the cruise at sunset and was rewarded by the most beautiful light – the golden hues of the setting sun!  This little girl was on the cruise – I believe she was the daughter of the owner of the boat.  She made sure all the tourists had their headsets for the tour and kept herself busy with the family business!

Zadar landscape

Taken from within the ancient walls, this photo takes in Zadar with the mountain ranges beyond town.  An idyllic afternoon in Zadar – experienced within and beyond the walls.

Dubrovnik Cable Car

I love this shot!  I took the cable car to the top of Mount Srd and enjoyed the amazing views of Dubrovnik below.  Riding the Dubrovnik Cable Car is worth the effort – a wonderful activity beyond the walls.

Dubrovnik day tours

For a different look at Dubrovnik, go beyond the walls on a kayak tour.  I only had time to do the 1/2 day tour.  It was great to get beyond the crowds and into the sea!

Dubrovnik old port

The strategic location of Dubrovnik on the water, and the mighty fortress city that was built made Dubrovnik a powerful entity throughout history.  I am sure it was quite a grand old port in its day!  Just beyond the walls, the entrance to the old port of Dubrovnik.

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