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The Beauty of Freezing Rain

It can be treacherous…it can be deadly, but the beauty of freezing rain can also be beyond words…

ice on cedar

As summer grasses become covered in ice, they become ever so delicate…

as do the trees in the garden.

Even enrobed in ice, the evergreens soldier on!

Icy branches after freezing rain

Freezing Rain on branches

It is so easy to be distracted by Mother Nature….her distractions can be so beautiful!


8 thoughts on “The Beauty of Freezing Rain

    • Thanks Karen. I was traveling this fall and neglected to give my garden its final pruning. As a result, I had some beautiful vegetation to work with! With sunshine today…I may just have to go back out there again!

    • Oh too bad…you could always shoot outside, then hit the tea shop to warm up!!!
      Ditto on the sharing of Camino posts…was great to read your perspective, especially as you were only a week or so behind! Too bad we never managed to meet up!

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