Food Photography 101

Food and photography….taking a look into improving my skills…I have a long way to go!

Nutritionally Yours

Lately, I have been taking a lot of photos of food while I travel.  San Sebastian’s Food Week in Spain was amazing and I couldn’t help but document it for my readers at Travel Destination Bucket List. (Restaurants and cooking school links: San Sebastian Food, La Muralla, Ni Neu, La Fabrica)

While I revelled in the foods and flavours, I quickly learned how hard it is to do food photography.  Low lights in restaurants and lack of tripod meant that a number of shots were not as I envisioned!  It got me thinking – surely a google search on food photography will yield some answers.  It certainly did – 479,000,000 hits.  I narrowed it down to food photography tips – a mere 119,000,000 hits!  Digital Photography School was the first to come up.  As a fan of their site, theirs was the first I…

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