Animals / Photo Challenge: travel by the alphabet

Travel By The Alphabet: T

One would think with all the places I have been that start with the Letter T that I would have a number of photos to choose from!  Turns out, most of them are in print, and sadly the scanner that I have does a terrible job of scanning my photos….while I am sure there is a better solution, for the time being, I apologize for the less than good quality shots – they are much better in print!

Tasmania ….scanned from film but how could I resist – isn’t he cute!!??

holding a koala

Thailand….while somewhat controversial, I have always been fascinated by elephants, and could not pass up the chance to get out and ride one while in Thailand

riding an elephant

While in Thailand, I slept on a river raft on the River Kwai – very cool experience!  It was at this village that I met my elephant friends.  Every day – they would have a bath by the rafts – quite the show!

sleeping on a river raft in Thailand

Terrigal….another vintage shot scanned from film.  My first year in Terrigal.

living on the coast, Terrigal NSW

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