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Travel By The Alphabet: N

N is for Nepal…..and market day in Namche Bazaar.  Trekking in Nepal – in a word – Awesome.  For more photos and information from my visit to Nepal – click on Nepal: Eternal Fascination.

hiking in Nepal

Rickshaw in Kathmandu, Nepal.


Newfoundland – the Rock.  Spending a weekend on the Rock?  Visit Signal Hill – the birthplace of long distance radio transmission.

things to do in St Johns Newfoundland

Out of town, visit Newfoundland’s fishing villages…

Niagara Falls – world famous.  Which side had the best view?  In my opinion – the Canadian side can’t be beat.  Personally, I love the view of the falls in the winter – the snow and ice give a special sparkle to the falls.

Canada, Niagara Falls in winter

North Bay – for work, I often travel to North Bay – one can consider the gateway to Northern Ontario.  I soon discovered that brining my kayak was a great idea – watching the sunset from the Lake is magic.


Happy travels!


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