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Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands

A while back, the WordPress Photo Challenge topic was hands.  I tried a number of different shots but was never happy.  This week, while shooting photos for my Canada Day in Ottawa post, I was able to capture this shot while watching the changing of  guard.

Parliament Hill, Canada Day

I quite like this shot and am glad I waited until I found the right one!


2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands

  1. I’m glad you waited for this one, too! It is a wonderful shot, a perfect subject, and meaningful – all at the same time. Perfect for Canada Day!

    I thank you so much for visiting my photo blog. I am a complete amateur, and I really appreciate your visits and hope that you will offer your honest critique whenever you have the time. I value advice and always take it to heart – I am trying to learn and grow in the art. It has become a passion for me, second only (or in a tie) to writing.

    Come back any time. I have subscribed to your blog and look forward to lots of vicarious pleasure (and maybe a little instruction) from you!

    Paula (Reflected Glory – My Adventures in Photography”)

  2. Paula – I am honoured. I have enjoyed the posts of yours I have read, and I am sure that I will find more fantastic photography each time I come back. Was looking at your photos with the remote at the bird feeder – they are awesome! I think you have convinced me to get a remote for my camera. Great shots.

    Have fun learning and improving in your photography. I love that I am still learning every day! I heard somewhere that one of the best ways to learn is to just get out there and shoot every day! I started doing photochallenges to do just that. One of the ones that challenged me the most was the photography by the alphabet. Each day I looked for items for the letter of the alphabet – it challenged me creatively and I tried to work new techniques in where I could. Really had me thinking outside the box. Was I happy with all my shots – definitely not – but I learned a lot along the way! (I might recommend giving yourself more than 26 days – I found it to be a real challenge at time to work and shoot then come home and post!)

    Happy shooting.

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