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Travel By The Alphabet: G

G is for ……

Gatineau Park – always something fun to do, whether skiing, cycling, hiking or kayaking….Gatineau Park is one of the jewels of the Ottawa.

kayaking in Quebec

The Western Trail in Gatineau Park…a crossroads for cycling, hiking and cross country skiing.

hiking and skiing in Gatineau Park, Quebec

Galley Bay, Antigua – a holiday paradise, with blissful beaches and so much more – in Antigua, the beach is just the beginning.

Galley Bay Cottages

The iconic Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia.  Known the world over for its stunning vistas and the famous Twelve Apostles.  Definitely worth the visit when visiting the land downunder!  Make sure to go for sunrise – the vibrant and warm colours over the Twelve Apostles are worth the early morning wakeup call.  You’ll be basking in the beauty all day long!

cycling the Great Ocean Road

My visit to Australia’s Great Ocean Road was done by bicycle.  For more information, visit Cycling Australia’s Great Ocean Road.  It is a spectacular way to soak it all in!


9 thoughts on “Travel By The Alphabet: G

    • Thanks. Both photos were taken doing activities I love – kayaking and cycling. I love the photo from the Great Ocean Road – I think it really reflects the natural beauty!

    • Thank you. I have heard it said time and again that this stretch of road is one of the worlds noteworthy coastal routes – I can not disagree! Riding along the Great Ocean Road was stunning.

    • Thanks. You won’t be disappointed if you head out for a ride along the Great Ocean Road. It had been on my bucketlist for years! Definitely worth doing – they are not joking when they say it is one of the world’s amazing coastal roads.

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