Photo Challenge: travel by the alphabet

Travel By The Alphabet: E

Where does the Letter E represent for you?  First to mind for me – my first adventure to Everest – there will be an eternal fascination!

trekking in Nepal

Very topical for the moment with the 2012 Summer Olympics nearly here – England.  One of the many stunning views from the London Eye.


While travelling to Antigua, I had the privilege of visiting the historic town of English Harbour.  While known for it’s blissful beaches, there is so much more to do while on this Caribbean island.  The beach is just the beginning.  Stingray City – is also very popular.  English Harbour takes its name from the nearby harbour in which the Royal Navy established its base of operations for the area during the eighteenth century.  Now, it is a tourist destination and hub for boating, especially yachting.  Makes for a nice day trip if you can tear yourself away from the beach!

historical site

Another one from my days of living in Australia – The Entrance – Pelican Feeding!

tourist attraction at The Entrance

Thanks for stopping by!  Where have you travelled for the Letter E?  Attach links to your travels in the comments.

Have a great day!


3 thoughts on “Travel By The Alphabet: E

    • My pleasure – it is fun to go back on all the places I have visited and travelled! Feel free to add your link in each letter – my plan is a Tuesday/Thursday posting schedule – so next up is “F” next week. Have a great weekend.

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