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Travel by the alphabet: B

The Blue Mountains – Travel Destination for the letter B.  Not far from Sydney, Australia -the Blue Mountains are worth the trip.  I have memories of hiking in this area as I prepared for my trip to Nepal.  The name Blue Mountains is derived from the blue tinge the range takes on when viewed from a distance. The tinge is believed to be caused by mie scattering which occurs when incoming ultraviolet radiation is scattered by particles within the atmosphere creating a blue-greyish colour to any distant objects, including mountains and clouds.


While traveling in South America I had the pleasure of visiting the Bolivian Amazon.  This photo was taken from the camp where we spent a few days exploring the natural beauty of the region.  Starting point to the Bolivian Adventure:  Rurrenabaque.

Gringo Trail

Also in Bolivia – Isla del Sol.  For more information – visit Live the Photo: Isla del Sol at Travel Destination Bucket List.  Bolivia is a fascinating country to visit – I highly recommend it.  For here for more Bolivian Adventures.

A recent visit to Barcelona’s Olympic Park.


A simple street scape in Barcelona…


A little closer to home – the clock tower in Brockville.  This photo is was from the Photography by the Alphabet Challenge.


So many places to choose from…where have you been that begins with the letter B?  Feel free to share links to your “alphabetical travel”.


3 thoughts on “Travel by the alphabet: B

  1. Lovely photos! Where the blue mist surrounding the Blue Mountains is concerned, I’d read that the particles responsible for the Mie scattering (mmmm, physics) are oil droplets emanating from the surrounding eucalyptus trees.

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