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Travel By The Alphabet: A

Travel By The Alphabet – A – so many places to choose from – from the more obvious places of Australia, Antigua and Arizona, to the less obvious – Alcudia or Andratx in Mallorca….a selection of photos representing places from the letter A:

Australia – I have had the privilege of visiting Australia as a tourist and as a resident…it is the lucky country!  My most recent travels to Australia included cycling The Great Ocean Road – truly one of the great coastal roads of the world with stunning views and endless photo opportunities!  An easy selection for the letter A.

Who can forget the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge – one need only see the photo and think of Australia

Antigua – truly a delight for the sun seeker – there was never a dull moment in Antigua, whether lazing on the beach with a good book, dancing the night away or snorkelling in the turquoise waters….true bliss…

beach paradise

Caribbean vacation

Arizona – have had the opportunity to travel to Arizona for work, but never on holidays – I would love to get back to really explore the state – so many places to go, Arizona is rich in travel opportunity.

It is no secret that Mallorca is one of my favourite destinations – I have travelled there to cycle on many occasions, each visit giving me a chance to discover a new town, or experience something new!  My last trip included a week near Alcudia where we walked through the walled city and watched the Easter processions…quite fascinating to watch.

Aix-en-Provence in the south of France is another fascinating town…great cafes to sit and watch the world go by….

south of France

So many places to choose from…where have you been that begins with the letter A?  Feel free to share links to your “alphabetical travel”.



3 thoughts on “Travel By The Alphabet: A

    • Thanks – I thought I would have a little fun – over the years I have collected so many photos from my travels, and so few of them ever see the light of day after the fact. I am glad that you have added links to your travels – I will check them out.
      The plan is to post the alphabet photos on Tuesdays and Thursdays….links to information about the place will be included in the post, along with the links to more photos!

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