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A Day on the Tay

Spent the day kayaking on the Tay River, near Perth, Ontario.  It was a perfect day on the water – no wind, beautiful sunshine and plenty of wildlife.

Was not fast enough to capture the snapping turtle with the camera – could not believe his size – he was as big as a dinner plate!  Did manage to capture a snake basking in the sunshine!

wildlife kayaking

A little tough to see – I was not even nearly close enough – but the fish were very active, splashing about in the water.


Not all the animal life was wild – met some lovely people out for a paddle with their dogs.  Aren’t they adorable!

dog in life jacket kayaking

A peaceful day on the water….love the scenery

kayak excursion

Love finding new places to kayak and explore.  The Tay River is a little over an hour West of Ottawa.  Last Duel Park is a lovely spot to launch the kayak or just have a picnic.  You can also paddle in to Perth and have lunch in one of their many lovely cafes…..great day out!

kayaking Ontario

I often paddle in the Ottawa area – kayaking in Gatineau Park is wonderful and has featured in a number of blog posts:

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and my bucket list kayak adventure yet to be discovered….Dreamy Travel Destinations.



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