WordPress (unofficial) photo challenge: Reflections

While waiting for the official weekly photo challenge to come through from WordPress, a number of posts have come out about an unofficial challenge of Reflections.

night photography, Ottawa River

This shot was taken rather hastily – I was trying to capture the full moon and parked the car down by the Champlain Bridge, joining Ottawa and Gatineau.  I was in the process of setting up the camera and tripod when the Parks and Recreation people came up and told me I had to leave…the park was closing!  I asked if I could quickly take my photo and they gave me only a moment – the result – the lights from the bridge reflecting off the Ottawa River.

One of my favourite architecture themes when travelling is the reflection of old buildings in the glass of the newer, more modern buildings….you can see my previous reflections post here.

old and new

While not a reflection photo in the true sense, I like this photo, taken in Calgary, Alberta when I cycled across Canada (original post here:  Cycling Across Canada:  Line dancing and wild life in Calgary).  It is a reflection of the old and the new.


7 thoughts on “WordPress (unofficial) photo challenge: Reflections

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