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A Day on Foot – walking Ottawa’s Greenbelt

Having had so much fun cycling in Mallorca for the last few weeks, but it was time to trade in the tires for hiking boots, and spend a day on foot, walking in Ottawa’s greenbelt.  The paths were full of people – cyclists, families and runners – everyone so active and loving the day!

My little walk turned into quite the hike – close to 20 kms – good start towards my goal of walking the Camino de Santiago (huge bucket list item for me!)  Needless to say, also a great time to play with the camera, and capture a few pictures of spring…and what a perfect day for it!

Don’t forget to slow down…

and take the time to enjoy the flowers….

You know winter is over when the geese come home!  Not too many just yet – but it is only a matter of time!

On foot – not a bad way to enjoy a Sunday afternoon!  It’s great, living and walking in the Greenbelt!


8 thoughts on “A Day on Foot – walking Ottawa’s Greenbelt

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