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Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey

OK – so I have been a little remiss on the photo challenges of late.  I have been so busy having a wonderful journey of my own that the weekly photo challenges slipped from my radar.  You can check out the photos and tales from Mallorca at Travel Destination Bucket List – the Mallorca Series.  Such a stunning island – I just can’t get enough of it!  We also spent the weekend in Barcelona – still working on a few posts – but pop on over to visit the Mercat Boqueria or Casa Batllo – one of Antoni Gaudi’s masterpieces.

While not the greatest photo – afterall, it was taken through the window of the plane…this shot marks the end of our journey to Mallorca – 2 weeks of blissful cycling.  The mountain ranges that we are about to fly over are the Serra Tramuntana – what I refer to as the backbone of Mallorca.  We cycled over those ranges, delighting in the spectacular views of the Med, the magnitude of the climbs, the thrills of the descents and the freedom of the bike!  Of all my rides in Mallorca, this is always my favourite.  It is the quintessential Serra de Tramuntana – a fabulous journey through the mountains.

My list of photo challenge posts I like is small – I am still catching up from a fabulous vacation…..but here are a few that I really like:




Trying to do my best – something about a road going off in the distance….makes my mind wander to what journey’s lie ahead….


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