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The colours of Casa Batllo

I recently posted about Casa Batllo – one of Antoni Gaudi’s signature creations – click here for the post and more information.

On the day of my visit, I took photos until my camera battery died (and then I used my little point and shoot to capture more!) – I was so enraptured by the colours and shapes of Casa Batllo.  Here are a few more photos for your Gaudi enjoyment!

I love the way the light diffuses through the glass, and the use of such colourful tiles and shapes…the influence of nature – such a big part of his work.

Gaudi goodies in the gift shop….

I loved the tea cups in the gift shop….sadly, in my haste to get to Casa Batllo, I forgot to grab my purse…just another reason to go back!

It is amazing to see how much his work has been an inspiration…I saw it all over Barcelona, in shop fronts, park benches and designers clothing!  While I went to the Boqueria Market before the Gaudi house, I see his influence in the sign hanging over the entrance to the market.

A very colourful and historic market – check a sample of the colours the market here.  I am sure it will be stimulating to your senses too!


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