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Playing on the bicycle

Mother nature is teasing me – only 2 weeks ago, I was able to get out for a ride on the road.  Next thing – a snow storm and there is no more outside playing on the bicycle for me!  Not until the roads are a little drier anyway.  We are heading off to Mallorca soon, so it is back on the bike in the kitchen for me!  The only thing is this – sometimes I get bored and need to entertain myself… out came the camera….

Taken with my macro lens while sitting on the bike – couldn’t hold it still enough to get the shot while pedalling, although I did try!

Have had to play around with the saddle height a little – the allen keys are always close at hand.

The only shot I was able to fire while pedalling….my very important fan!

Looking forward to getting back out on the road….adventures from Mallorca will pop up on TravelDestinationBucketList as we start playing on the bicycle outside!  Feel free to pop on by and check it out!  They will be filed under Mallorca.


3 thoughts on “Playing on the bicycle

  1. The fan… also my loyal companion when I’m training indoors. I’m already using my third one. Can’t train indoors without one…

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