Ever since I started to do photography, I have been fascinated by photos lit by candlelight.  I have intentions of setting up a few different shots, but have yet to do it.  A stop by the candle store may be in order – surely I just need to augment my collection!

When I did my daily photo challenge, I did candlelight for the letter L.

Learnt a small trick – spot light to highlight – the predominant light was from the candles, but a little hand held light from a key chain was all I needed to pull focus on the front candle and pull bring out the blue colour of the wax.  Neither photo has been modified (only cropped).  Which do you prefer?

Prague – still have a number of photos to put up from Prague on TravelDestinationBucketList.  There is also a collection of some of the top daily photos – click here for the series.  Thought I would share the tea lights from inside St Vitus Cathedral.  I just love the way the light flickers and is so warm and soft.

What scenes would light by candlelight?


2 thoughts on “Candlelight

    • No filter – only a slow shutter speed. The first set of candles were taken at f22 4 seconds. I used a small pen light from a key chain to shine on the front candle, bringing out the blue colour in the candle. For the tea lights in Prague – it was f11 at 1/25 sec. There was considerably more light in the church. The tea lights were actually a hand held photo – whereas the first candles were set up in total darkness with a tripod. I still have a few more ideas on candle shots I would love to do – it is just a question of setting it up!

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