Around Mallorca

Mallorca – it has been a favourite destination since the first time I travelled there!  In less than I month, I am heading back for a few weeks of cycling around the island.  Soaking in the sun and surroundings will be high on the list as I pedal to my hearts delight.  Have posted about Mallorca at TravelDestinationBucketList, and no doubt, more posts about favourite routes will soon be added to the series.

Thought I would share a couple random shots in my lead up and excitement.

Stairs from the beach at Cala Pi

Spring leaves at a coffee rest while out riding.  Love all the amazing cathedrals in Mallorca – this was no exception.

An old sailboat that will sail no more.  We had stopped for a luxurious, or one could say, indulgent lunch in Port d’Andraxt.

Boats in the water, Port d’Andraxt, Mallorca.

We had to stop while riding for a flat tire.   Not a bad view!

For a few more photos from Mallorca – check out Back to Mallorca.



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