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Weekly Photo Challenge: Down

This week, the WordPress Photo Challenge is Down.

I recently travelled to Prague – see posts about Prague here or the top daily photos here.  Had a brilliant time exploring the city and climbed absolutely everything I could.  This week, the theme is down.  As you can imagine, climbing 300ish stairs to the top of the bell tower at St Vitus Cathedral, or the stairs to the top of the Astronomical Clock,  gave impressive views when looking down!  Prague is such an amazing place….there were so many photos to choose from!

Looking down from Charles Bridge at the Christmas Carols.

The climb up the bell tower at St Vitus Cathedral was worth every step.  You can see all of Old Prague, including the non-stop crowds on Charles Bridge.

Looking a little farther up the river….

An early morning climb up the Astronomical Clock Tower … great view of the Christmas Market.  One of the rare times that it wasn’t wall to wall people!

and the final shot….the horse and carriage rides, starting in the Old Town Square…

Some of my favourites I have found so far….

Where’s My Backpack


Thoughtful Paper


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