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Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret

This week’s WordPress photo challenge is regret.  That is a tough one – most regrets I have in life do not have photographs, which is actually a portion of the regret!  Not bringing my camera and missing the incredible full moon this past week would be one of them!  But alas, there are no photos….only the snapshot in my mind!

This picture is of my darling Sammie.  I have had her for 7 years – she is like my little baby.  I am using this picture for the sentiment of regret because last summer she got really sick.  (Not to worry – this is regret with a happy ending!)  You can see her pink bandages over the IV port – like I said, my poor little girl was really sick.

Sammie has always been, and is back to being a hyper little cat.  She puts us all to shame with her energy.  Last summer, I noticed her slow down, and sleep a lot more.  She lost a lot of weight – I chalked it up to her escaping on more than a few nights and no doubt spending the entire night on the prowl!  I was wrong – she went into acute renal failure and we nearly lost her!  I regret not following my instincts and getting to the vet ASAP.

You can see from the picture below, that she is back to her normal self!  Mischievious as ever! The eyes are brighter and she has regained that bounce in her step.  With spring just around the corner, I am sure she will be out there terrorizing mice and birds again!

For the life of times of Sammie the Cat and her cat Cleo – more posts can be found in the category Sammie and Cleo

From reading a few other posts in the weekly photo challenge, it appears I am not alone in finding regret a difficult challenge.  Here are a few links to other posts that I thought were good.  (Again, sorry if I have missed something spectacular out there, I regret I didn’t have time to look at them all!!!)  Please feel free to add in the comments section.

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16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret

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    • Thanks! I know she is more than ready for spring. I let her go out in the snow – she is so excited, but that doesn’t last long! She is not a fan of the cold snow! Total princess!

  2. She’s beautiful. 🙂 I almost used my cats for “regret” as they are indoor cats and sometimes when they stand at the windows watching the birds, yearning to go outside, I regret not letting them out to run free. But they are safer and healthier indoors.

    Thank you for the shout-out. Much appreciated.

    • Sammie started out as an inside only cat – but it was much easier living on the 7th floor in a condo! When we moved to the house, it became impossible to contain her – she would escape at any opportunity, and be so excited to be free, it would sometimes take days to get her back! In the end, it worked out better to let her out – she comes home most nights and then I get to sleep! She still stays out a couple times each year – mostly with the first warm spring nights. I worry like crazy, but deep down, I know she is happier! Such a challenge – I want to keep her in and safe – but I know she loves to be out in the fresh air! How can I deny her – she sits so wistfully at the window on days when I won’t let her out – her cries are heartbreaking!

  3. Great post so glad Sammie is back to her old self, pets are part of the family and it hurts so much when anything happens to them. So glad you and Sammie had a happy ending 🙂

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