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Weekly Photo Challenge: Ready

Weekly photo challenge:  Ready.  What are you ready for?  This picture, dug out of the archives, is the start of my trans-Canada bicycle adventure.  Ready to go!

I spent the entire summer, covering over 6,500 kms, cycling from Vancouver to Halifax.   It was the time of my life, and remains one of my proudest of achievements.  I learnt a lot on this trip – including how to push my limits both physically and mentally.  While I did this trip solo, I was happy to meet others along the way, making great friends and sharing in the adventures.  This photo is taken at km 0.  Will share the stories of my trip and photos from the adventure at TravelDestinationBucketList – it was a trip to remember!  Hope to do it again some day.

Here I am – ready to go.


14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Ready

  1. Oh…I am so ready!!! Actually – the topic of Ready has inspired me – I am so excited to be sharing the adventures from my trip across Canada – first post will be up in the morning (link to TravelDestinationBucketList is in this post) – can’t wait to relive the adventure!

  2. My brother and nephew did a trip similar to this last summer, but in the U.S. They put their rear wheels in the Pacific Ocean and ended up with their front wheels in the Atlantic. It was a “coming of age” trip for my nephew and more strenuous than he had anticipated. Kudos to you for finishing!

    • Thanks. I can concur – a coming of age or defining moment for sure. It was amazing, but the most strenuous moments physically were not the most difficult part of the trip – rather the mental toughness through some areas. I would love to do it again with a friend, but going alone brought some wonderful experiences that I would not likely have had with another.

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