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B&W Antigua Textures

Travel and photography go together so very well…here I have taken a few of my Antigua photos with a focus on texture, and played with contrast and black and white.  What do you think?

Drift wood – I love the weather worn look of drift wood on the beach.  The colour photo has not been enhanced at all….it is in original format.

The only post production here is the conversion from colour to B&W.

Starting to get a little more creative….

…pumped up the contrast in the B&W.  Love the texture in this shot!

Love the little lizards…hard to resist feeding them as they came to the balcony every day…

Think the colours of the little guy need to be represented here….even with enhanced contrast, he doesn’t quite stand out in black and white.

Back down at the beach…shot a few of the palm tree – for me, a true symbol of the tropical holiday…

What do you think….colour or black and white?

Just a simple adjustment like colour to black and white with a little added contrast …. do the two image pairs evoke the same feeling of tropical travel for you?

For more posts and photos from Antigua – click here – this will take you to the TDBL Antigua series.


6 thoughts on “B&W Antigua Textures

    • Thanks Cee. I think B&W can really change the focal point of some shots – depending on what you are trying to achieve. Love how the textures can really pop with B&W when you eliminate the distraction of colour.

  1. On the last image…nothing is provoked, I cannot make out what the subject of the photo is. I thought it was some type of insect thing while looking at the color photo but the black and white really makes it confusing; the contrast between darks and lights is not that strong.

    I really dig the black and white lizard, he/she possesses some type of regal feel.

    • I love the little lizard – we would put fruit out on the balcony daily to see who would come.
      The palm tree is little more abstract – trying to capture something different with the lens. Perhaps something a little more contrasty would add to the shot – really bring out the textures in the tree. For now, I try to minimize post production – I am still working towards improving my skills with my camera – post production will surely follow.

      • Practice makes perfect they say…I still think you are a great photographer…I am still practicing my skills too. 🙂

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