Weekly Photo Challenge: Simple

This weeks photo challenge from WordPress:  Simple.

Love playing with depth of field – can change a mundane photo of a boardwalk into something with a little more interest.  I recently travelled to Miami for a work conference (I know, lucky me!!!), but I really didn’t have any time to myself.  Went out for a quick walk around the hotel property before hitting the airport, and grabbed this shot.  I like the simplicity of the environment – the post and rope fence separating the board walk from the reeds and the leading line of the posts.

Couldn’t help but play with the lens a little – so used the macro to shoot nothing but the rope.  Again, it is the simple and natural textures that appeal here.

As always, I quite like Cee‘s photos, and her photo selections for simple are great (love the chain and the meter!).  I also like how she has shared some of her favourite postings from other people – some of the photos are just stunning!  While I am not able to look at all of them, I thought I would share a few of the ones I really like.

Cinova – love the simplicity of the chair and water backdrop.  The fact that it is somewhere I have been makes it that much more special.  Beautiful shots.

A Year in My shoes – nice macro work – the blue sky just makes it pop!

Skedazzles – love the shot – great use of depth of field and leading lines.

That’s it for this week’s photo challenge.


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