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I have been enjoying the posts from Katie’s Photo Blog for some time now, and love her series of flowers.  This weekend, a friend gave me a beautiful bouquet of tulips as a hostess gift for a party that I have every year.  I just adore flowers and especially love tulips.   I thought I would try to capture some beautiful images, as well as play with my new toy (macro 100 mm, f2.8).

The detail from the lens is amazing – even the tiniest hairs on the leaves can be picked up!

Once again – assistance from Sammie – who proceeded to chomp off one of my flowers – does she think she is helping???

And of course, Cleo, ever the princess, is happy to pose…

A little bit of spring on a cold wintery day!

Hope you the tulips brought a smile to your face too!  Happy Monday.


6 thoughts on “Tulips

  1. Sammie is too cool…would love to see more pictures of her being a typical cat. I know Felix is always getting into things she shouldn’t be. Lately she’s been hanging out in the bath tub. I’m not really sure why, as she’s terrified of having baths!

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