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Prague Photo Challenge: lines

You may recall, I asked for a photo challenge for my time in Prague.  Challenge #1 – lines moving up from left to right.  It was a great way to try and look at things differently, appreciating one of the fundamentals of photographic composition.

This first one is one of my favourites – we were wandering outside of the tourist district – the graphic colours on the wall made me stop.  I knew I was looking for the lines and loved the vibrant colours.

For something that says Prague – the detailed work of the entrance to St Vitus Cathedral.  We spent a quite a few hours at both the Cathedral and the Castle – hard to imagine building these magnificent buildings – the grandeur and stories from behind these walls – inspiring!

From just outside the gates to the Prague Castle – again looking at the amazing detail in the architecture of the building.

One of the many places we enjoyed eating dinner – an old brew pub up near the Monestary.

To escape the hustle and bustle of all the tourists, we headed out for a walk on Petrin Hill.  This outing became more about photography than tourism and was a welcome relief.  It was also a chance to use my new 100mm lens.  FIrst picture is a close up of one of the benches along the walking path.

This next picture was taken of the little snow that fell on our trip!  The snow was melting and I found a little drop of water on the grass.

And the final picture for the photo challenge: lines – taken close to Charles Bridge – a wall of seagulls!

Thanks for the challenge idea goes to Nick – it was definitely a challenge at times, but great way to take a different look.

For more posts on my time at Prague, visit TravelDestinationBucketList.  You can also check out my daily photo submissions at AnitaMacPhotos.


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