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Prague Photo of the Day December 29th

Having too much fun touristing around and shooting photos in Prague – it is really tough to narrow it down.  Today I have 3 photos – I just couldn’t decide!

Something a little different – this first shot was taken in a restaurant on a quiet street.  Right next to my table was an old record player and this vintage short wave radio.  This shot was random as I hadn’t planned on any more photos for the night – glad I threw the camera over the shoulder just in case!

This streetscape was taken as I was wandering back to the hotel.  I love the way the street lights glow – gives such a warm quality to the photo.  I managed a number of different shots, with and without pedestrians, however the times with no one on the streets were few and far between!  In the end, I selected the photo with some pedestrians – it will be how I remember the trip after all!

Who can forget Fred&Ginger – an interesting juxtaposition of two buildings – a must shoot for most tourists to Prague!  I wanted to get something a little different – so timed the photo for when one of the trams sailed through the intersection.  Slow shutter speed to get the play on lights.  While not the best representation of Fred&Ginger, certainly a different perspective on this street corner.

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