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An afternoon in Gatineau Park

What a great way to spend an afternoon – photography and hiking in the sunshine!

Evidence of beavers at work.

Home sweet home!

Snow fall on mossy logs…

A different look at the Huron cabin – you can see the pic nic tables on the inside, and the trees reflected in the windows.

These photos were taken for a post about hiking in Gatineau Park at  It was great to get out and enjoy the Park.  I hope you enjoyed it too!


3 thoughts on “An afternoon in Gatineau Park

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  2. Snow is so beautiful, truly nature’s frozen teardrops. Yes, they can cause chaos and upset people’s plans but they’re not evil, just how the media sometimes like to portray them.

    If only that would be the case in the UK this year, oh well!

    A good blog, Best Wishes.

    Tony Powell

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