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In need of a challenge

Imagine, a photo blog post with no photos.

I am in need of a challenge.  The photo challenge of pictures by the alphabet was awesome!  It gave me a chance to expand my skills, use some creative juices and get out there and play with my camera.  I had a lot of fun out there.

The daily photo challenge did turn out to be a little much with my busy work life – creativity was sometimes hampered by the time limits and restrictions of the working life!  Other times, great creative thoughts could not be implemented as I had to focus on work.

So here is what I am asking for – a few thoughts and challenges for my upcoming trip!  For those who also check into my travel blog – TravelDestinationBucketList – you know that I am getting ready for a wonderful adventure in Prague.

Post your challenges in the comments section or vote for the ones that have been given.  I will choose three challenges to do while in Prague.  The equipment that I will be taking is quite simple – my trusty Canon EOS DSLR, tripod, 50 mm f1.8 and my all in one 18-200mm lens.

I am in need of a challenge and look forward to seeing what you have for me!



6 thoughts on “In need of a challenge

    • oh…I like the faces of Prague idea! I will take loads of pictures while out there – the purpose of the challenge is to give me a subject or topic that is different than what I would normally do. I will have zillions of pictures of the amazing architecture and sights of the city – but I do love the faces of Prague challenge. I take few pictures of strangers when I am out there.

  1. Hey Anita,
    I had a bunch of fun on a cruise recently trying to capture a photo for a contest my company was having. They were specifically looking for an image that drew your eyes upward from the lower left of the frame to the upper right of the frame. It was so challenging to find things that LITERALLY did this, let alone images that did it subliminally.

    And– thanks for checking out my blog today! And have a great time on your trip!

    If any of your readers are parents, I have a children’s book coming out February 29th– has all of the details. I hope the blogosphere can turn this first-time-author into a success.

    Thanks again!

  2. Thanks for the photo challenges. I will be taking lots of travel shots while I am over there! Will also make a point of the following 2 challenges:
    1. Faces of Prague – most of the time, my photos focus on sights, landscapes or the people I am with – it will be a great challenge to try and get pictures of the faces of Prague.

    I am looking forward to trying to look at things differently while in Europe, and so will try to find some intresting shots to fulfil challenge #2
    2. Images that draw your eyes upward from the lower left of the frame to the upper right of the frame.

    Will be back with plenty of photos that I will post both on this blog and on

    Thanks for the ideas!

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