Winter Water

Winter water takes on a different quality – certainly different than the Caribbean water that I posted yesterday!  Welcome to Gatineau Park, just North of Ottawa, site of the winter water photos captured today.

The cold temperatures that blew through yesterday afternoon brought the much anticipated snow for December.  Those of us who love to cross country ski are most excited about the prospect of getting out on our skis.

These Winter Water shots were all taken along the Dunlop Pic Nic area track in Gatineau Park.  It is a popular cross country ski area with 180 kms of groomed trails.

While all these shots were taken in colour – the light and shade in the forest leaves them looking nearly black and white.

Backing it out just a little bit…

During university, I worked in the Niagara Falls area.  One of my favourite spots was right at the crest of the falls where the water just tips over the edge.  While the waterfall in Gatineau Park may not rival Niagara Falls, it still provided many photo opportunities.

Didn’t take long for my fingers to chill.  This was the last shot as I walked back to the car – it’s the start of a winter wonderland!

Welcome to Winter Water.


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