Photo Challenge: pictures by the alphabet

Favourites from the Daily Photo Challenge

Here are some of my favourite shots from the daily photo challenge.  It was tough to narrow it down, but I have opted for a top 10 in alphabetical order!

B – Black&White Boats at Britannia.  This was the only picture that I did in black and white.  I liked the lines and how the composition of the shot was simplified when changed to B&W.

C – Cookies – I had fun in Geronimo’s Cafe taking pictures.  I love the rich colour of the cookies – it just feels like a cozy moment with Grandma!

E – Eternal Flame – a challenging picture to take with so many tourists constantly around the flame.  It was fun to place with the camera, experiment with the depth of field, shutter speed and composition.  After all, this was the purpose of the daily challenge.

F -Fencing – first attempt at using stobist technique.  I had conceptualized the photo earlier in the day, and turned it into a real photo shoot.  Getting the camera to focus on the tip of the foil was a challenge, but lucky for me, it was within the first couple of shots that I was happiest.  I continued to take a few more, but none achieved the look I was going for like the first few.

L – Light, or more specifically, capturing candlelight.  I remember years ago reading about light sources and seeing some stunning shots done by candlelight.  I wanted to recreate some of what I remembered and experiment with new techniques.  I had ready about using a secondary light source to highlight elements of the shot, and this is what I did here to bring out the blue of the candle in the front.  A small pen light shining on the front candle during the exposure time created exactly the effect I was going for.

N – Nets – had fun looking at perspective, lines and colour with the vibrant blue sky behind the net.  I stubbled across this photo opportunity while driving out of a suburban neighbourhood.  I had yet to determine what I would shoot for N and was so pleased to see the basketball court and the nets still in place.

R – Red wine – what is not to like!  The series of red wine was a challenge – my little collection is tucked away in the corner of the basement and hidden tightly in with shelves of extra kitchen bric a brac, dishes and old junk!  The overhead light was good and harsh and moving around in the space was difficult.  I was pleased with the shots I was able to get and struggled to narrow them down to only a few.  The subtly of the picture, if you didn’t see it, was the missing bottle from the rack.  That was the bottle selected for dinner that night and while writing the R post.

S – Saxaphone – one of my favourites.  It just feels “Jazzy” or “Blues Bar” to me.  This one is likely to be enlarged and printed for my wall.  It is a definite move away from the traditional travel photos that I have taken for years.

V – Violin.  I am surprised to have multiple music themed shots in my list of favourites, however as I began to really get a feel for the camera and engage my creative side, I really enjoyed what I found.

W – Wreath – as a huge fan of Christmas and decorating – how could this one not make my top 10!  It really is starting to make me feel like the Christmas season is coming.

I hope you enjoyed the Daily Photo Challenge by the alphabet.  There were days when I really didn’t think I would get the pictures, and others where I had so much to choose from, it was tough to narrow it down!  I am thrilled with how much I have learned about my camera, and how I have changed how I look at what I am photographing.  With an upcoming photography trip to Prague, I hope to put what I have learned to good use!


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