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Daily Photo Challenge: Letter W

Daily photo challenge: Letter W

Wreath’s are starting to pop up everywhere for Christmas

Spent a relaxing weekend at the Chateau Montebello – walking along the water in the morning was a great way to start the day.

Trying to think outside of the box, I thought I would get a picture from inside the car Wash!  I forgot that they are now touchless, and the image I was going for was not possible!  This is from the inside of the car Wash.

Another attempt at something different – the War Museum – I couldn’t go inside, so was planning on taking photos from outside.  Snapped this one as I was driving away (you can see my car in the reflection)…but what else do you see in the photo??

War machines!

That’s it for W.  X looks to be another challenging letter!  See you tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Daily Photo Challenge: Letter W

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    • That was a fun one! I needed to wash my car all week – but wanted to wait til the “W” day. I was pretty strict about the photos being taken on the day!

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