Photo Challenge: pictures by the alphabet

Daily Photo Challenge: Letter R

Daily photo challenge:  Letter R

Having recently come home from Jamaica, who could resist bringing home the local delicacies – Appleton Rum!

While this picture was taken in Jamaica, I felt it appropriate – sharing a moment with a local Rastafarian – just couldn’t get away!

Now that the relaxing Caribbean is behind me, time to focus on what is at hand….with winter coming, I smell roasted dinners and Red wine.  I took a number of pictures down in the wine cellar, but couldn’t decide which was my favourite, so thought I would share my top 3!  Which do you prefer?



or #3?

That’s all for the letter R.  What about you – what “R” photos have you got?  Post a link in the comments section to your “R” photos.

Back again tomorrow with the daily photo challenge:  letter S.


4 thoughts on “Daily Photo Challenge: Letter R

  1. Love the one from Jamaica, great way to show the letter R. Out of the three, I like the third. Think it clearly shows the wine and to my eye makes more sense.
    Glad you are back.

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