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Daily Photo Challenge: Letter P

Daily photo challenge:  Letter P

Christmas is coming and so too are the decorations and holiday merriment.  I love all the natural decorations, including the wreaths and Pine cones.

For those of you who have seen some of my other posts, you know about my Pets…

(I know, this is totally a stretch, but how can you not love my adorable Pets!!!)

Sammie (who is totally thinking – get that camera out of my face!!!  Enough already!)

and Cleo

I will be away from internet access for a week – rather than scramble around trying to find connectivity – I am going to temporarily suspend my daily photo posts until my return.  If you are continuing to participate in the challenge – please feel free to continue to post to the comment sections.  Would love to see pictures of your pets too!

Will be back up and posting as soon as I get back!


3 thoughts on “Daily Photo Challenge: Letter P

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  2. Whenever I take a picture of my cat, she squints. I’m so jealous that you can get your cats to look so wide awake and adorable!!

    • Oh, I know, taking good pictures of the girls has been a challenge. I bought myself a 50mm prime lens, and seemed to get some better photos. That, coupled with good natural light. Still a challenge. I have many squinty photos.

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