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Daily Photo Challenge: Letter K

Daily photo challenge:  Letter K

After some deliberation over the subject matter for the letter K, I stumbled upon a great shop here in Ottawa:  The Camera Trading Company on Bank St.  Tom was fantastic in letting me loose in the store, pulling vintage Kodak’s off the shelf for me to photograph.  Below are some of my favourites, all focused on cameras with the letter K:


and who can forget the Konica:

The Camera Trading Company – if you are looking for something special, check them out.  They ship internationally and have a tremendous stock of camera equipment.  Many thanks for letting me play in your store!

While we were there, Peter bought a new lens.  He has taken up the Photo Challenge: pictures by the alphabet – check him out at or in the comments section for each letter.  He put up his first post for A yesterday and will be working through the alphabet daily!

If you would like to join in – add a link to your site in the comment section of the letters you are participating in.

Challenge for tomorrow:  the letter L.


9 thoughts on “Daily Photo Challenge: Letter K

  1. That Daily Photo Challenge seems really interesting. 🙂 And those cameras are pretty! My own camera isn’t working anymore, so I’m going to buy a new one. It will be difficult to decide which one I’m going to buy! Can I ask you which camera you use?

    • Thanks – it has been great fun to work on this challenge. Hope you can join in when you get your new one. I have a Canon EOS – mind you a rather old one. My partner has a Nikon, and I am torn between the two! The Canon is a great camera but he has far more lenses than I! I have decided to continue to invest in my Canon and have bought a few new lenses – my two favourites are my “all-in-one” 18-200mm for when I travel and don’t want to keep changing lenses and my newest toy – the 50 mm f1.8. It is by far the best addition to my collection.
      What were you shooting with – will any of your lenses work with a new camera body? Check with your local stores – they may let you test run a couple for a day or two – see what you like best. Good luck with your choices – it isn’t an easy one. Really try it out and challenge yourself with it – try a lot of different things. I find my older canon a little cumbersome to use in full manual as the dials are a little awkward. Not sure if it has been improved upon on newer models. I tend to shoot a lot in aperture priority mode so it is less of an issue. I am currently working on night photography (will post about it on shortly (it’s posted 🙂 ) – for this I had to go full manual and a second dial on the camera body would have been useful (I think the Nikon has a second one!). Have fun. Let me know what you get!

      • Thank you for your answer! I actually had a very very simple camera at first: Canon Powershot A430 with 4.0 megapixels and 4x optical zoom. It worked great though. I do want a SLR camera, but it’s hard to choose one. It can’t be too expensive and I also don’t really have the money to buy many extra lenses. My mother has a Panasonic Lumix (I’m not sure which type, probably something like the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ100EG-K) It’s not a very complicated camera, but it works great. I think I’m still going to the store and ask the seller to help me a bit.

      • Best of luck. Have you considered trying the lower end or last year’s model?? Some of the camera information I have read suggest going that route, saving the dollars for the lenses which may have a bigger impact. I have also found that, while my camera body is a Canon, I can use a number of sigma lenses which cut the cost virtually in half! For the level of equipment that I am buying, the sigma more that adequately does the job. The 50mm prime lens was the most cost effective at $140 – but has no zoom capability. I just love it for playing with depth of field as it has so much more scope!

  2. I love the photos here. They are so clear and crisp. You are so lucky that the guy let you take photos like that. I’m always scared of doing that. I should do it more, well try asking that is.

    • It was great – I got a lesson in the history of photography as well as some great shots. Peter ended up with a new lens that he is loving! All in all – a great time! Not all shops have been like that – the grocery store got really upset when I asked to take pictures of their beautifully decorated cakes! I was so shocked! Next, the music store wouldn’t let me take any pictures of guitars – even with promises of not showing prices! Luckily, I found another shop that was more than happy to support my cause! You just never know-but the ones that say yes totally make up for the nos!

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    • The old Kodak’s were so fun! The shop keeper had a blast helping find the “K” cameras! Ever want some vintage equipment, they have some amazing stuff in there!

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