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Daily Photo Challenge: Letter I

Daily photo challenge:  Letter I

The humble Inukshuk takes centre stage today for the letter I.

I headed out today in cold, rainy, pre-winter weather, to the Ottawa River.  I worried that my photochallenge would be thwarted by the letter I – the conditions less than ideal to be out photographing at the waters edge.  I was pleasantly surprised by the light as I took my photographs – I hope you enjoy.

As you can see, there is quite the collection of Inukshuks.  These rocks, piled carefully one atop the other, have a strong significance.  They are monuments made of natural stones. They are a tool for communication and survival. The traditional meaning of the inukshuk is “Someone was here” or “You are on the right path.”

The Inukshuk can be any configuration of natural stone, generally balanced on each other.

On a sunny day, this area is often filled with photographers, painters and families having a picnic on the grass.  There is parking at Remic Rapids, just off the Ottawa River Parkway.  The bike path also passes right by.

Today, I hade the place to myself.  I only saw a couple of bicycle commuters heading home from work and a couple people walking on the path.

The Inukshuk on the Ottawa River is part of an artistic project for local artist John Ceprano.  It is quite interesting to get up close and take a look – just be certain to not touch the statues – they are works of balanced art, and as such, are not supported.  The rocks may fall.

I posted more information about the Inukshuk art along the Ottawa River at TravelDestinationBucketList in the Live the Photo Series

Tomorrows photo by the alphabet challenge:  the letter J.


15 thoughts on “Daily Photo Challenge: Letter I

  1. I love the photos, while I don’t think I can keep up with the letter of the day, it is fun to watch your progress through the alphabet. I haven’t posted my blog photo of the day, yet, maybe I will have to try and find some ice cream. It is snowy and cold here in Calgary today, maybe I will show the icy streets…….. not sure what will come of the day, but I am looking forward to seeing what you come up for J tomorrow.

    • Thanks – it is proving to be a huge challenge – full time work getting in the way of fun again! Oh well. Feel free to post any additions – you don’t need to keep up on a daily basis! I can’t believe you guys have snowy, icy streets. The temperatures have certainly taken a nose dive here (Ottawa) but not any snow as of yet! (Maybe in time for the day I do S!!! J is tough – I have a few ideas and hope to be able to get out there for them! Thanks for watching! Look forward to any more photos you have to post.

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