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Daily Photo Challenge: Letter F

Daily photo challenge:  Letter F.

Fall is here, which means many things….Hallowe’en parties and costumes at work, Flannel jammies and who can resist Flowers, what ever the time of year!

While this wasn’t the best of the Flower photos I took today, I really liked the bright, Fluorescent colours on what turned out to be a grey afternoon!

With Hallowe’en tonight, good to see some of my Friends dressing up…

Thought I would play with a little texture and patterns, so headed over to the Fabric store…

…but who could resist the Flannel Frogs!!!

The following photos almost deserve a post of their own.  I wanted to experiment with Fencing – the next two photos are  with off camera flash – a strobist experiment so to speak.

What crazy F photos have you collected?  I would love for you to join me in the fun of the daily photo challenge …. post a link to your favourite F photos in the comments section.

Next post in the photo challenge:  G.  Time to get out there and start shooting!


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