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Daily Photo Challenge: Letter D

Daily photo challenge:  letter D.

The letter D turned out to be a devil of a tough letter….

Thankfully, with Halloween just around the corner, there was devilish good help at the vegetables stands in the Byward Market.

In search of more subject matter for the letter D, we headed out to Parliament Hill in search of more Devils.  We were met by closed doors and ornate Door knockers…

Dragons were also lurking around…

Thanks to Peter for shooting this one of me and Diefenbaker, a former Canadian Prime Minister (1957 – 1963).  (Does it count if I direct the photo shoot?)

Leaving Parliament Hill, we found many examples of the letter D:  we followed these Derrieres out of the Hill…

Who would believe my luck, photo shoot over, and there were two Dashing Daschunds – couldn’t resist but add them to the D collection!

Finding shots by the alphabet can be challenging – and I haven’t even gotten to the tough letters yet!  What are your favourites? Have you had a chance to get out there and photograph by the alphabet?  I would love to see what you have done.  I invite you to share a link to your D photos in the comments section.  Let your creative juices go wild, or dig through your archives for your favourite shots.

Next post in the photo challenge:  E.  What exciting elements will the day bring?



4 thoughts on “Daily Photo Challenge: Letter D

  1. I love you “D” and your dedication, so far I have been playing catchup, and using photos taken within and added to my blog with in the last week, one more old photo and then we will see if we can keep up…………

    Dubrovnik at night, we travelled there not to long ago, I hope you don’t mind that I have included some older posts to catch up……

    today I will try to find some “e”

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  3. I am so glad you can join in! It is definitely a worthy challenge.
    No problems adding older pictures. I have the constant urge to do the same, but am commited to trying to get new shots daily! I am making mental notes of the excellent opportunities I find as I am doing other letters. There are some good ones out there.

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