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Daily Photo Challenge: Letter A

Daily Photo Challenge: Letter A

The criteria I am giving myself for the daily photo challenge by the alphabet is that the photos all have to be taken on the day.  The post will happen the following morning, giving me time to download, edit and basically put it all together!  I will get the posts up before 9 am the morning after the photos are taken.  I invite you to add your link to each day and corresponding letter if you are participating in the photo challenge with me.

For me, the obvious subject for A in the Autumn is the humble apple.  It is, after all, apple picking season.  For these pictures, I headed down to the Parkdale Market in Ottawa.

The apples really are at their peak at the moment – there were many options for shooting so I limited myself to my favourite 3.

A somewhat less obvious choice – allium, more commonly known as garlic, could also be found at the Market.

What do you have for the letter A?  Share a link to your photos in the comment section.

Next post in the photo challenge: B.  What will you bring to the table?


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