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Happy Feet

I like to believe I have happy feet.  How can they not be happy when chillaxin‘ in Montego Bay???  Here they are, just hangin’ at the Grand Palladium in Jamaica.

In spring, I can’t wait to get out of my winter boots!  Come summer, I just want to get out there, barefoot or in strappy sandals.  Even better – come fall – I start daydreaming of a Caribbean holiday!  Toes in the sand, pedicure and fun polish!

Maybe, my happy feet can float along, like on my trip to Antigua!

In fact, my happy feet had a lot of fun in Antigua!

They could be found enjoying the sunset with friends…

Or share the spotlight…underwater at Stingray City….

Back at home, my happy feet and friends enjoyed getting out on the water with the kayak…

It is cold and rainy today – less than 10 degrees outside.  Slippers and wool socks are more a propos! Needless to say – my feet are well hidden!  Here they are again, testing out new boots!  These boots are going to have a heavy workload – I have been dreaming of the Camino de Santiago – 780 km pilgrimage walk – and they will finally get their chance!

It would be remiss of me not to share a few other sets of happy feet…

and last but not least….

My feet love to get out to explore.  You are always welcome to check out other places my feet have gone on my travel blog:!

Hope you and your happy feet are having fun!  Mine are starting to dream of sun and sand again!  Not sure where they will end up next.


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