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Sammie the Cat

Never a dull moment with Sammie the Cat.  She is my adorable little princess, and she  knows it!

Life of Sammie is pretty good!  I couldn’t quite catch her here – she was on the prowl.  Her daily activities in good weather include a perimeter search in my backyard!

This is usually followed by an afternoon nap…

maybe a chat in a sunny window sill…

all that talking has a tendency to make her thirsty!  Only the freshest water will do!

Needless to say, Cleo will have something to say about drinking from the bathtub!

All this chit chat is exhausting – time for another nap!  “Will you please stop taking my photo!!!”

As you can see – Sammie has a tough life!


14 thoughts on “Sammie the Cat

    • Sammie started out as an inside only cat – but her pleas to go and explore the outdoors were too much for me – I couldn’t say no! She is such a monkey and a cutie! Not sure where she developed her penchant for drinking from the sink!

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  2. I love the photos! Sammie reminds me of my sister’s cat, Cinnamon (who I must say is way friendlier than Felix). What is it with cats and drinking from the faucet? I give Felix fresh water straight from the Brita filter everyday and she never seems to want to drink it!

  3. Cats are so precious and cute. Oh and quirky, which is the best part.

    I once had a cat who always went in the shower stall after I had just taken a shower and licked all of the water from the faucet and floor. It looked very clean afterwards.

    • Love it!!! Yeah – they really are precious!!! Sammie is such a ham – had a party at the house last night, and she was down there rubbing ankles with everyone!!! 30+ people and she is still looking to be the centre of attention! What a cutie!

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