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Ducks on the water

Kayaking lends itself well to photographing ducks on the water.  While out kayaking with friends on the Gatineau River near Wakefield this weekend, we found a tributary off the river which will need further investigation!  Ducks were everywhere.

Caught in flight…

Now they are just teasing me as I chase them around the water…

I just love the vibrant colours, especially here, so nicely reflected in the water.

The gang….

Another morning on the water well spent!  Hope you enjoyed the photos.




6 thoughts on “Ducks on the water

    • Thank you! You are so right – I was very lucky to get the pictures – I was quietly approaching for stil shots when the ducks were startled! I barely had my lense cap off before shooting! Very pleased with the results. Was out chasing ducks again last night – different light. Can’t wait to get them home and on the big screen of my computer.

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