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Carp Fair 2011: Heavy horse ring

The heavy horse ring at the Carp Fair is always a big draw.  The competitors come from the region as well as from across the border in the USA.  It is a magic event.  The rumble of the ground as the 6 and 8 horse hitch goes by is unforgettable!  These creatures are so majestic.  Here is a collection of some of my favourites:

I love this shot taken in the 6 horse hitch.  I can feel the power as they go by!  The ring was so dry – you could taste the dust.  Check out the difference between the movement shots and the stills.  The vibrancy of the colours is completely masked by the dust when the teams are in action.

Heavy horse hitch at the 2011 Carp Fair.

Heavy horses at the 2011 Carp Fair.

Who me? Heavy horse hitch, Carp Fair 2011.

Heavy horse legs, Carp Fair 2011.

Wandering over to the other rings, just loved the miniature hitches!

Is that driving and texting at the Carp Fair?

Aren’t they so cute!

The not-so-heavy 6 horse hitch.

Back in the heavy horse ring – the class was so large, I could not capture them all with my camera – 17 teams of 6 – that’s 102 horses in the ring at one time!  Very impressive.

After a hard days work – nothing like a good shower!

I love this shot.  I had only once chance to take it as my battery was finished.  We were just heading out of the fairgrounds when we saw the heavy horse barn was full of activity.  I love how the lighting highlights the misting of the water from the pressure washer as the horses are being cleaned and tucked into the barn for the night.

Getting cleaned up after the show.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures of the heavy horses.  For more posts and pictures from the Carp Fair, click here for posts and photo series of kids.


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