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Carp Fair 2011: kids

Carp Fair 2011 has come and gone.  With so many pictures – this is the first in a series of shots taken from the fair.  Here are kids being kids and having fun at the fair.

Love the pink cowboy hat.  Kids were everywhere, wandering around with their parents or tearing up  the midway.

Time for some lunch – the kids are getting tired.

Contemplation in the show ring.

Testing out the farm equipment.

The magic of the puppet show!

The carousel.

Despair over a lost balloon.

I have been going to the Carp Fair since childhood.  It is one of the largest fall fairs in the region, attracting people from far and wide.  It is the place of many childhood memories.  This post is the first in a series of the weekend.  For other posts about the 148th edition of the Carp Fair, click here.

For more photos from the 2011 Carp Fair series:

Heavy Horses


Tractors and Vintage Cars


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